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Days 14, 15 and 16 – Woodstock NB, Kingston ON…

The last few days have been a whirlwind of playing and driving. On Friday night I played at the Creek Village Gallery and 11885152_10155977278440611_5704497826514575389_nCafe in Woodstock, NB. We arrived in town early and happened upon a museum that had a Karsh, Hines and Curtis photography exhibit. It had some amazing photos and stories of each photographer. We both really enjoyed it. The show at Creek Village Gallery was excellent. We ate in the cafe before the show and the food was delicious. People started showing up an hour before the show to get good seats. I met so many lovely people. The artwork in the gallery was amazing and it was hard not to do too much shopping there. The quality of the art was amazing and the prices reasonable. We headed out on the road and made it as far as Quebec City for the night.


11953095_10155983640965611_4254429695125276623_nWe got up and drove towards our Kingston destination – Musiikki Cafe. We stopped to visit a friend on the St Lawrence River, dropped off the trailer and then headed to the show. The last show of the tour (until we get home) was great. Mike’s cousins even came out. The door was open and people were stopping on the street to listen too. Went back to our friends place and stayed on the St Lawrence River. There was a heron sitting on a boat in the morning. We had a yummy breakfast in the morning and headed home.

Home safe after 6791kms. It has been a busy last few days but we are home and glad to see our dog. We sure did miss her. All is well and are looking forward to the show at Pt Stanley Tapas and Grill on Tuesday evening.

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Day 12 & 13 – Wolfville and Moncton

We drove to Wolfville and found some parking downtown. It can be tricky to find parking for the van and trailer but as long as we can find a “pull through” with two spots we are good. We walked around town and had some lunch. It was a hot one! Whooo-ie! Played the Wolfville Farmer’s Market in the afternoon – such fun. It was hot but everyone was smiling anyway. Several kids were dancing or just standing in front watching me (when they weren’t standing in front of a giant fan that the market had going). Half way through the set it started raining so hard and Mike ran out to close up the trailer. Overall it was a great show. We met a bunch of nice people and chatted about our travels. One of the vendors gave us some veggies for the road. After the show we drove to Moncton so we wouldn’t have to do much driving the next day.

11866328_10153493274853419_2942477532029643475_n  11873508_10153495591268419_6701630716862902173_n
Moncton – we drove around Moncton a bit and did a few errands. Lunched and then went to the show at C’est la Vie. It is a nice space and the sound was really good. Another really hot day. There was a piano out on the street (random) and once in a while someone would sit down and play it. Also, kids would bang on it. There was one young boy who was banging and singing and then he came into the cafe with his mother. I said that I heard him singing and asked if he wanted to sing along with me. He did a bit but he didn’t understand much English – his mom kept explaining things to him. They really liked the trumpet. Met some lovely people and chatted past closing time. We drove to Woodstock so we wouldn’t have to drive before the show the next day.

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Day 11 – Hall’s Harbour and Burntcoat Head

We left the campsite at Whale Cove this morning and headed to Hall’s Harbour – mission… lobster! We had been there 4 years ago and it was a plan for me to eat lobster at least once while in Nova Scotia. You get to pick your own then take it to the Cook House where they cook it up for you and bring it to your table. It was as delicious as was expected. The tide was coming in as we ate and we sat by the harbour and watched the boats rising up towards us. We then knew we wanted to see low tide at a fabulous spot called Burntcoat Head so we found a campground nearby and dropped of the trailer and went down to check it out. It is a beautiful and amazing spot. With the dramatic tide levels in this area there is an island that becomes a plateau with trees on it (see photo below). Mike took some amazing videos around the island from the air and hopefully he will upload them as soon as he has a chance. We went back to the campground, had a lovely fire and roasted wieners/sausages for supper. The stars were so bright this evening. We even saw a few shooting stars. Looking forward to the show tomorrow in Wolfsville!

11921855_10155966131545611_8187057207674880062_n20150818_01406 20150818_01386 11928748_10155967135350611_241099467913660033_n

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Day 9 & 10 visiting and sight-seeing

Hal made us an amazing breakfast before we set off this morning. Sausages from the local market, delicious hash browns and eggs. We took a turn near Barrington and went sightseeing through some small towns along the shore. Took some photos and videos and had a lovely afternoon. Destination was to visit a friend who was originally from London. It was great hanging out and meeting her friends. We stayed for supper and the instruments didn’t take long to come out. What a great evening of laughter and jamming.

We left the next morning and checked out a huge church that took 32 years to build out of granite hauled 100kms from Shelburne to that town. We then went to Digby to find out about whale watching; we had wanted to do that last week but it was raining “sideways” and was cancelled. We got booked on a whale cruise on Brier Island but that meant trucking it straight there and crossing two ferries to get there. Yup – we drove down the Digby neck, made it on time and it was a great experience. it was through the Brier Island Lodge. We had Captain Roy at the wheel on the Island Link. I knew we were going to see some whales but it was even better than I thought. We saw a Minke whale on the way out of the harbour. We then kept spotting humpback whales all over the place. Mostly two at a time. We saw a mom and a calf right at the start and then saw a few over the course of the 3 hours. One calf even rolled over and we saw its belly. At one point there were 4 whales swimming together. One in the distance was slapping its fin and tail. I do believe the whale count for the day was 18 in total. We also saw a few porpoises and seals. The tour guide even said that was an unusually good day to see that many. Yeah!! We spent most of the time up top in the wind taking pictures. I was using Mike’s camera and got some good shots! After the tour we headed back over the two ferries through the fog and stayed at a campground called Whale Cove Campground. It was such an excellent day.

20150817_5688 20150817_5676 20150817_5607

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Day 7 & 8 – Shelburne and Halifax

It has been a busy few days. We spent Friday with Hal and went to see the lighthouse at Sandy Point where Mike got some nice photos and video. Then we did laundry (believe me – that needed to be done). We played a few tunes while waiting at the laundromat. We went for supper at the Ships Galley before the show and it was yummy! I really enjoyed doing a show with Hal again. He played along to some of my songs and I sang harmonies to his. We met many interesting and terrific people and it was a great night. Shelburne is a wonderful town. In the morning we went for breakfast at the Bean Dock down on the waterfront and to the farmers market. Mike and I headed to Halifax (our van clicked over to 200,000 kms on the way there) and had time to check out the Halifax Folklore Centre and walk along the pier in the afternoon. We even found out about Leatherback sea turtles (I do love turtles). We arrived early so we could have supper at The Nook on Gottingen before the show. Oh my – it was SO good. You should go there. Also, the staff is so nice and I loved the atmosphere. I especially liked that they had printer’s typeset drawers under glass for tables and a “periodic table of typefaces” as art in the washroom. The graphic artist geek in me loved it. Highlights of the night included catching up with our friend Adrienne, chatting with Kat, and making two new fans/friends from Ottawa. They just happened by and stayed for the show. Amanda and Nikki told us all about their adventures hiking (and climbing) in Newfoundland. I was glad to be part of their exciting day in Halifax. We drove back to Shelburne for the night and I can’t wait to get some sleep. Hal is going to make breakfast in the morning… yeah!

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Day 6 – Maritime Aviation Museum

Today was a driving day. We left Cape Breton today on route to Shelburne. We happened upon an Aviation Museum and certainly had to check that out. Cool! Here are a few pics.

We arrived in Shelburne and had a chance to catch up with Manitoba Hal. I am looking forward to doing a double CD release show with him tomorrow night at The Ships Galley.

IMG_3427 IMG_3437

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Day 4 and 5 – Cabot Trail

IMG_3405We didn’t really have cell reception and no wi-fi for a few days so I am catching up again.
We started Tuesday with breakfast burritos at the campsite. It was an experiment and I think I did okay. We went on Donelda’s Puffin Boat Tour just outside of Baddeck near Englishtown. She was fun and informative and even fed a pair of bald eagles as they came near the boat – that was cool! I was using Mike’s big heavy camera with the telephoto lens and got a few nice pics. We saw puffins, cormorants, seals and various gulls. We didn’t quite have enough time to make it to the Bell Museum so we ate supper and drove on to Broad Cove Campground (north of Ingonish).

IMG_3413  IMG_3418

Today it rained and rained off and on all day and was very windy. The scenery was really nice but we really couldn’t get out of the van much for photos. We were going to go whale watching today as well but that was a no go – so, instead we went back to Baddeck and were able to check out the Bell Museum. It was interesting toIMG_3424 see so many of Alexander Graham Bell’s inventions. Mike really liked the flight part of it and the history of aviation. It POURED as we were walking to the van and we got soaked! Spent the evening trying to dry ourselves out. Thus ends the Cabot Trail portion of the tour. Here is the view out of our tiny trailer tonight. We will be leaving Cape Breton in the morning.

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Day 3 – Nova Scotia – Cape Breton

11828657_10155932459200611_7682109465773084824_n  11138144_10153471884618419_2274856462906374391_n

We arrived in Nova Scotia this morning and stopped for the traditional border photo. We took more scenic routes along highway #6 on our way to Cape Breton. Mike is having fun taking shots and videos of the scenery. He is really documenting things better than I have been able to do since I am behind the wheel. We set up camp tonight in a campground near Baddeck. It has already been a lovely drive. If the weather is good we might go on the Puffin boat cruise tomorrow. It has been too windy and they have not sailed for two days. Fingers crossed.

We played guitar at the campfire tonight and are enjoying the relaxing atmosphere.


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Tiny Trailer Tour Days 1 and 2

11258816_10155926489970611_854337779209422354_n 11138688_10153468969563419_5891762233703885744_n
We left Saturday morning and, after dropping off Roxy (we miss her already), we were on our way. The first day was mostly driving – we were on a mission. Except for stopping to fuel ourselves and the van – we really just drove. At a rest stop in Quebec we saw a broken spring-based children’s entertainment ride? It was broken. #failwhale. Finally about 12:30am we stopped at a rest stop to get some sleep. We woke up around 8am and hit the road again. We stopped at La Pocatiére, Quebec to take some pictures and a bit of video and then again at Notre-Dame-du-Portage for some beautiful rocks near the shore and an island called Le Pélerin du Milieu.  Once we crossed into New Brunswick we went to Hartland to see the longest covered bridge. We had seen it before but Mike wanted to take a few pics with his drone. We took a scenic drive to Woodstock along the Scenic River Valley Trail and then back on the highway. We decided that rather than to keep driving again until midnight that we would stop and camp and get a good night sleep and electrical hookup so we could post some pics and Mike could check out some of the videos. That is about it for today. Sleeping near Wiggins Cove.

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The CD is released!

The Scotty 2015The CD release last week was great. We had fun and played to a very supportive crowd.

I am just finalizing a few details for the tour and prepping our “Tiny Trailer” for the road.

The CD is now available at CD baby and will soon be available on iTunes, Amazon and other online music sites.  You can hear samples of the songs and buy digital or physical copies from there.

CD artwork.indd

I will be blogging the travels, tour and sightseeing for the next few weeks so come back and see what we are up to. Looking forward to sharing our adventures with you.

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