Posted by: Leah Morise | June 18, 2010

3 shows in the next 28 hrs

The work week is over and we are on the way to Stratford. Wednesday we played in Kitchener at the Boathouse to a fun crowd. Mike’s friend Vahe came as well as Stef. My co-worker (and friend) Adrienne came all the way from London for the show. 🙂 Seeing old friends and making new ones is a great way to spend a night. The Boathouse is a great little venue in the park right beside the water. Check it out if you are ever in that area – it has such a variety of live music acts.
Thursday night we drove to Toronto to play at the Local. Mike highly recommends the Irish Guinness stew! I thought that the pear salad was good too. It was a pretty good crowd and Allison’s cousin came out with friends. Got home late. I’m felling tired today and must admit that I was dragging a bit at work today.
I am looking forward to tonight at Stratford. We have two shows tomorrow and then I’m resting some on Sunday. Zzzzzzzzz!


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