Posted by: Leah Morise | June 19, 2010

Stratford – our best one yet!

What a fantastic time we had in Stratford. The food was excellent and they were wonderful to us. That is the way that musicians should be treated. Craig (the owner) was an amazing host. They have a cool stage that he had built – it is placed in front of one set of doors. Except for the one point where 3 Harley motorcycles started up right in front of the doors I enjoyed the slight breeze coming in. The crowd was great. We met a lovely couple who were from Texas. They come up here to enjoy the summer festival at Stratford. They enjoy supporting live music and they sure supported us! thanks Louise and John!  We told them that they should check out Home County Folk Festival – the drive to London isn’t far. The sound in there was good and our sound is coming together more and more. I’m liking this!
We have been very fortunate in that all of the venue owners have been so kind and the food excellent. I hope that trend continues!

Well, I should get some sleep because we have two shows tomorrow. G’night all.


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