Posted by: Leah Morise | July 6, 2010

Gimli and Winnipeg Beach

We met up with Hal in Gimli and are staying with some fine folks near there.

We ate at a great little fish place called Kris’ Fish and Chips: – it was yummy!
We then went to settle in to the place we are staying for a few days. (Thanks Kate and Fred for having us)

Later that day and the next morning we checked out the Winnipeg Beach as well as Gimli. There is a viking statue in Gimli that apparently Hal was named after (I need to find out that whole story). That is kinda cool. Allison and I had our photo taken looking “strong like vikings”.

(History of the area – In 1875, Icelandic settlers arrived in Canada and founded a colony on the west shore of Lake Winnipeg. Called “New Iceland”, the colony was one of the earliest group settlements in the West.) You can check out more info at:

We walked along the beach and took some photos. Allison went for a quick swim. There were so many fish flies so I took a few pictures. At least they don’t bite!! Then, I saw a pelican! I tried to get a good photo but they look so far away in the picture. I tried a couple of times. Then I took a closeup at the museum (that one I have included as well). I got to use my new walking stick/mono-pod and I really like it.

We are probably going to do some jamming with Kate and Fred again tonight. Kate played some awesome songs! She needs to record them so I can buy it! One in particular was so powerful and I could visualize the images as she sang. Wow.

Tomorrow we are heading to Yorkton.
Thanks for stopping by… and Hi Mom!


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