Posted by: Leah Morise | July 7, 2010

Goodbye Manitoba – hello Saskachewan

This morning, after Fred made another lovely breakfast, we left for Yorkton, Sask. Oh, I think that I forgot to mention that Fred is a luthier. He showed us guitars, ukuleles, mandolins and other instruments he had made. They were gorgeous and the wood… I can’t even describe how amazing they looked. He was getting them ready to take to the Winnipeg folk festival.
Okay, so, off to Yorkton. We all took turns driving and had a few stops to empty and refill. :-). We ate at a place in Neepawa. Apparently they make an amazing egg salad sandwich. (Allison and Hal are still talking about it at almost 10 pm.)
We were several hours early and had time to walk around. Although the water level was down, there was evidence of the flood damage everywhere. It was disturbing to me.
So we played the show. The people at the show were very nice and attentive. Calvin, who had done a full page in the local paper, was there. A couple from Edmonton happened in for coffee and stayed for the show. They bought CDs too. What a lovely venue. Everyone was so nice. Thanks to Harold, Jordan, and Bev of The Cup and Saucer for your kindness. And to Don who also came to the show and bought one of each cd – enjoy!
We are now on our way to Moose Jaw so we can cut down on the driving time for tomorrow. G’night until tomorrow.


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