Posted by: Leah Morise | July 9, 2010

Thursday – leaving Moose Jaw

(posting this on Friday and borrowing Allisons “stick”.)

The scenery was beautiful. Not as much “flat” as everyone says. I did wish that I had my better camera so that I could take photos of some of the buildings standing (some barely) out in the fields – nothing else for miles. Very cool. Some of them felt like you had travelled back in time.
We saw piles of potash which was very strange to see out in the middle of nowhere. It almost looked like snow. I am going to google more about that as soon as I have a chance.
We travelled through the area where the Trans Canada was washed out. They still have not repaired it but they are using the East-bound lanes (one each) for both directions. I took a photo of it too. It didn’t actually slow down much at all through there for us.
Alberta – this is my first time being in Alberta and so I got my photo taken with the sign. I almost stepped into a critter hole (prairie dog maybe) right beside the sign. heehee.
The gig tonight was at the Mocha Cabana. It was a beautiful cafe. It was originally a blacksmith shop and so all of the walls are solid concrete and over a foot thick. They have made skylights all the way along the ceiling and it is quite nice. They fed us and the food was delicious. Everyone there was so nice. We ended up playing out on the patio to a full house (photo included). It was a lovely decorated enclosed area with bug netting at the top and some sun shades. (I like shade) Some friends of Hal’s came as well as some people from the radio station. I believe that they recorded a few tunes as we played and will air it on the show next week. I also did my first radio promo of this tour. It was for CKXU in Lethbridge. They were fun. We had people singing along and even a few dancers!
The show was an early one so we drove on to Nanton. What a beautiful sunset that night. I took a picture but it sure doesn’t capture the real thing!
We arrived at the Nanton Auditorium. It is an interesting place. Very down to earth. We will be sleeping here for two nights.


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