Posted by: Leah Morise | July 12, 2010

McToogles and staying over

That evening we arrived in Invermere to play a show at Angus McToogles. What a nice place. The staff was very nice and the food was delicious. I had a seafood fettucine.
The crowd was great. Some ate dinner and stayed a bit. When they left the table was full again. People were really into it and the place was full. The sound was great and we had fun mingling with the customers. We sold CDs to a biker who was in town for the biker rally. There were several tables of golfers who had come from Calgary who also bought some. All in all a good night.
Then… some of you may know that we had planned to camp in the Kooteneys.
Well, at the table in front of us were two lovely ladies who were enjoying the show. They were smiling and singing along. After the show was over they invited us to sit down with them. Introducing themselves as Crisanna and Heather, they suggested that we could stay in Crisanna’s home instead of trying to camp that night. Heather suggested that they have a house concert in her yard on Monday night and that we stay until then. That already sounded pretty cool. Then the final bonus to the offer… Heather owns a spa and offered to give us each a massage. Alrighty then!  Done + done!
I am always impressed with the generosity of people we have met on our travels.



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