Posted by: Leah Morise | July 12, 2010

Monday Morning

Another fine morning
We went out for breakfast – a ritual that I am getting used to from Hal and Allison.
We stopped in the local market and I purchased some Saskatoon berries to try. I have uploaded a photo. That is Allison scooping some.
Then Allison and I borrowed a couple of kayaks and went down to the lake. Allison is less experienced and had a bit of trouble keeping it straight but neither her or I minded when she did a few circles. It was also a bit windy out on the lake. Nothing dangerous but some waves added a bit of excitement. She also enjoyed the experience of her first dump. I didn’t think that we would be successful in a re-entry out in the lake so instead I towed her and her boat to shore. I took a few pictures of the lake that is surrounded by mountains. Ahhhhhh.
The weather here is interesting. There will be one raincloud and it will just pour for 5 minutes and then be gone and be all sunny with white fluffy clouds. One day we were experiencing rain, then sunny, then rain, then sunny while we were driving – 5 or 6 times depending whether we were on the top of a hill or the bottom. It was peculiar.
I am going to chill out a bit this afternoon. We have the potluck and house concert/jam this evening and then tomorrow head to Revelstoke. I am missing home lately. Less than a week now. Here is my shout-out to Mike!
I hope that everyone is enjoying my ramblings. It does make me feel more connected to home. Chat again soon.



  1. Love your rambilings, often about food, lol. Love the pic’s the berries look like blue berries am I right? Well have fun talk soon Jayne

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