Posted by: Leah Morise | July 12, 2010

Morning Mountain View!

I awoke and looked out the window to see this view of Windermere Lake. Wow! How inspiring! Imagine waking up to that every day… how lucky is that?
I had some song ideas in the middle of the night but didn’t quite get them down before most were forgotten. I will put the pen and paper closer to my bed tonight or just get up and write things down.
We went for breakfast and then relaxed a bit. In the afternoon, Allison and I went for the Spa treatment! Oh yeah. I can move my neck more than I have been able to in over a week. We went for a quick swim in the lake after that. It was a bit cool but so clear and refreshing. We saw an osprey catch a fish and it flew right by us with it.
We saw three bighorn sheep right downtown just eating beside the gas station.
Then we saw a deer and her small fawn in someone’s back yard.
The count now is 16 deer, two elk and three bighorn sheep. I can’t forget the pelicans that I saw in Lake Winnipeg. Cool.
I treated the hosts for supper at a place called Hoodoo Grill for all that they are doing for us. Apparently a hoodoo is the name of a limestone/sandy rock face that looks like the attached photo. I will google that too when I have a chance. It was really cool. We might even hike to the top tomorrow – ya never know.
I think that we have plans to do some more swimming and maybe a bit of kayaking too.
Another picturesque day! I tried to spare you too many more mountain photos… I can’t help it!


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