Posted by: Leah Morise | July 12, 2010

The Mountains!

This morning we left Nanton Alberta and set out for the Crowsnest Pass.
As we approached the foothills, my excitement was building. There were wind farms with hundreds of wind turbines everywhere.
The road was winding and you could see a hint of the mountains in a foggy shadow.
As we came into the heart of it the view was truly awesome. There was mountain after mountain. Every one getting bigger and every corner we turned was an amazing sight.

We stopped at Frank’s Slide. They had films and photos of the 1903 avalanche of  Turtle Mountain. It landed on the town of Frank and in less than 90 seconds killed over 90 people. There was so much rock that most of it has never been dug up and the people still remain buried there.
I took so many photos that day. Hal kept opening the window for me to get a better shot and then closing it. Let’s just say that he did that a FEW times…  😉  We made a few stops for some real photos but most were taken on the fly. I have since culled down the 175+ photos. heehee
The creeks were so fast moving. I wanted to be canoeing right then and there. I could have probably written another verse for Peaceful River.
The entire drive that day was amazing and inspiring and breath-taking. AHHHH.



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