Posted by: Leah Morise | July 13, 2010

Campfire and Potluck

Campfire concert and potluck.
We played an outside acoustic show for about 20 people. It started to rain and we briefly moved indoors but soon after were able to head back out again. I told you that the weather here is like that. Oh, in the afternoon the wind was so bad that a few trees were blown over and there were a bunch of branches on the ground.
The food was delicious and there was a wide range of things that included the saskatoon and strawberry pie (that Allison brought), corn bread, smoked salmon, several kinds of chicken wings, salads, deviled eggs and cinnamon buns and (althought I didn’t try it) habanero pickled asparagus (Allison ate that).
Anyway, we sat on a picnic table and played a bunch of songs. One of the guests, Peter, played along on an electric guitar. They brought out an extension cord and an amp for him. We also had a lovely young lady Alisha who brought her purple tenor sax out. She played a few songs that she knew. Then I got her to do a solo verse for the Panty Song. She doesn’t usually jam and do improvising but she did a great job. I was very glad that she played.
Heading to bed now. Early start to the day tomorrow. G’night.


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