Posted by: Leah Morise | July 13, 2010

More mountains – and Hot Springs!

This morning we packed up our things and headed to Revelstoke. On the way we stopped at the Radium Hot Springs and also stopped at the head to Rogers Pass. The hot springs were nice – basically a pool that had warm water from the mountain. Very nice and relaxing.

“The Radium Hot Springs began with the unleashing of powerful forces that left its tale in heaving, tortured rocks. The earth’s crust cracked along a fault, more than two kilometres deep. The shatter zone around the fault lets groundwater seep close to the earth’s core heating, pressurizing and returning it to the surface. On its way to the surface, the hot mineral water encounters oxygen, thus allowing the scented hydrogen sulphide gas to dissipate in advance of emerging at the source of hot springs.”

Rogers Pass (elevation 4,534 feet) is located at the summit in Glacier National Park – we were up higher than we had been before and many of these mountains were white-capped! There were several avalanche tunnels along the highway. It was chilly and I had to put on a jacket. We took a few photos including a couple of those corny cutout photos. What fun!

We have arrived in Revelstoke and will be here for two nights. I look forward to checking out some of the scenery tomorrow. Hal said that there was a ghost town nearby that we could go to. I am looking forward to that too!


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