Posted by: Leah Morise | July 14, 2010


Last night Joanne made a wonderful supper of ribs (on the bbq) and potato salad. I checked out her band at practice – what great harmonies! Walked back to the house and caught up on some emails. Long day.

This morning we went for breakfast (of course) and then went to the Ghost Town – a short drive away. It was not actually a ghost town but a place where many original buildings had been moved in the 60s to create an old-fashioned town. They have also replicated some as well. It was quite large and contained many buildings: schools, churches, cabins, a saloon and even a train round-about. There was also a small display with mining stuff.
The place had many objects set up in each of the areas as it would have been. The dentist one was creepy. It had a mannequin that looked pretty beat up in this chair with all of the dentist tools around him (torture tools more like it – no wonder people were afraid!)
There were shops with boots (similar to my granny boots), hats and dresses, some with fur-trading supplies. There were collections of phonographs, arrowheads, phones and such. One barn contained at least 12 very old cars. There was also a buggy barn with at least 20 old buggies and an old sled. There was a room with old pianos and organs. One was made in Clinton Ont Canada (hear that Julie?) That is a long ways to travel back in those days!
There was  a building made from bottles. That one was strange. I guess that bottle houses were not uncommon because there was so much of the “building material” available and the construction was very simple.
In the round-about there was the train that Pierre Trudeau gave the “gesture”. It was interesting. There was also a Cariboo train that contained a fancy blue dining room. There was a ghost train but it was pretty cheezy (fake dead rat in a trap included) heehee

A friend of Joanne has a B&B for sale in town. I don’t know the price but could find out if anyone is interested in running a B&B in the mountains. The town of Revelstoke is beautiful. I have included a photo of the view from their driveway. Joanne’s husband does gorgeous metal work. One that was fun in their backyard is “fluffy”. I had to include a photo of it.
We did a bit of jamming in the afternoon with Joanne and got to hear some of her original tunes. She is a talented singer/songwriter. I am looking forward to the show tonight. Stay tuned (I will try to – hee hee)



  1. Love your photos looks interesting. Look forward to seeing pic.’s of the mountains. Have fun

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