Posted by: Leah Morise | July 16, 2010

Friday – to Kelowna today.

It was a morning where we lounged about for a while. Packed up the van and then sat and chatted with Lorne (the owner). We enjoyed a tasty brunch at Lorenzo’s this morning (a breakfast sandwich with fries and salad) and then packed up to go to our next stop – Kelowna. Lorenzo’s is a great place for anyone who is traveling through and enjoys good food and good music. Here are the pics of the front of the building with Allison standing there. I have also included a photo of the bowling alley in the back during the daytime. You can barely see a few pins standing up.

I am also putting in a photo of my room. I slept quite well. Lorne put one of my “Take Me Anywhere” stickers up on the fridge with the others. There are so many musicians that we know who have played here. I am attaching a pic of that too. See how many you recognize. You will probably have to enlarge it a bit.

The drive to Kelowna was quite nice. The height of the mountains kept shrinking and the landscape changed quite a bit. It is a dryer climate and there are more dry fields and grasses than trees. There are several lakes and they are very populated with the tourists. We stopped to check out the beach in Vernon. It was warm and I just found a shade tree. Ahhhh. Nice breeze.

We arrived around 4:00 at the Minstrel Cafe and set up and did sound check. I am now relaxing in the room that we were provided. I am looking forward to the show – it is a very nice looking venue. I think that the others might have a nap before we go.

I am missing Home County Folk Festival but am getting texts from friends there and that is appreciated! Thanks!


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