Posted by: Leah Morise | July 16, 2010

From Revelstoke to Enderby

Thursday morning – we had a lovely pancake breakfast that Joanne made for us. Then Joanne, Allison, Hal and I did a songwriting exercise. It was so much fun and we laughed so much. We may or may not get any finished songs from it but what a hoot. We went downtown to see some of Andrew’s metal sculpture in the gallery downtown. Wow, I really liked it. I got one of Joanne’s CDs and am looking forward to hearing it. Hal and I checked out the Railway Museum while Allison went for a walk. It was interesting to learn some of the history of the building of the railway. There were models of the wooden bridges as well as photos. We got to go through a few rail cars and even talked to an engineer of a steam engine. There was information about the workers and the history of the last spike which happened in a nearby town.

We had lunch at The Last Drop in Revelstoke so I took a pic of that. We then drove to Enderby for our show at Lorenzo’s. What an interesting place! Lorne has taken an old school house and built on to it. It is a award winning restaurant and music venue. He used the flooring from an old bowling alley in the dance floor/stage area and even has built a bowling lane in the back yard. Allison and I played a few frames. I got a spare and a strike. It is 10 pin. You have to walk to the end and put the pins back up and retrieve your ball but it is pretty fun. There were trophies on the table so we each took photos with it. Heehee What fun. The show was awesome. The crowd was really into it and many came to talk to us afterwards. The acoustics in this space were amazing. There were walls with photos and I new many of the people who have played here in the past. They have sleeping quarters for the band with art on the walls. Allison got the bunk bed. I think that we are going to stay for breakfast (lunch) here. I am still getting used to the time difference for home. – only a few more days.


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