Posted by: Leah Morise | July 17, 2010


Today we drove to Hope. We left Kelowna before noon. It was a wonderful sunny day for a drive. This time rather than driving in the valley we drove on mountain tops and sides. At one point our brakes felt a little squishy after a very long decent. We stopped briefly at the side of the road for a stretch break (note Allison stretching) and to let them cool off. Hal wrote on the back of the window. We drove across a cool bridge and I have put a pic of it up too.
When we got to Hope we dropped in at Skinny’s and told them we were here. Then we stopped at the travel info place and took photos with the cutouts. I have included the amazing find of Hal’s – a license plate that says Trans Canada – Atlantic to Pacific. THAT is what he is doing! Perfect. I took a photo with him just holding it up but he is going to put it on as soon as he can.
I have also added photos of the place we are sleeping tonight. It is called Swiss Chalet. Here is a photo of the chalet and of the beds and the living space. It would be pretty cool to stay here for a few days but at the same time I am looking forward to getting home.
Hope is the last gig for me on this tour. Allison and Hal will be continuing into August but I am flying back home tomorrow. It has been quite fun blogging my adventure.
Here is the post of Hal’s take on the tour and a summary of our travels together.
One more day.



  1. Not that im not proud of you, but get back here will ya!! this place is getting boring without you here to liven it up!!

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