Posted by: Leah Morise | July 18, 2010

Heading Home

Skinny’s Grill in Hope BC was a blast. What a way to end our Dr. Pinkham’s Traveling Medicine Show. The “Skinny’s Crew” backed us up with conga drums, electric guitar, bass and a suitcase drum. Thanks to Adriaan, Greg and Davis for everything. It was fun. I wish that I could have captured some of that on video! Some of my songs have never sounded like that. I sure will miss singing with Hal and Allison. What an amazing blend of harmonies. I never knew it could sound so good. I have enclosed a photo of the stage setup with Adriaan. A friend of Hal’s from when he was a teen showed up to the show and they had a chance to visit and catch up. It was a good crowd and everyone seemed to have a good time. There was much toe tapping.
We went to bed by midnight and were up by 4:30 am. The bed was comfortable but I sure could have enjoyed it for a few more hours. So sleepy now. Hal wanted to drive to the airport. I have included a photo of sleepy Hal. We did a drive-thru for juice and a bagel on the way. The mist was still on the fields and we could see the sunrise behind us on the way. I never did see a bear on the trip but I saw 4 hawks and a heron this morning. It was a nice drive – the benefit to driving that early is that there aren’t many cars on the road. Yeah! We listened to the Blind Boys of Alabama – Spirit of the Century CD on our travels this morning. Fitting for a Sunday morning and quite enjoyable. Thanks Hal – I should buy that one.
Hal and Allison dropped me off at the airport and we said our goodbyes. Check-in went smooth and I am currently waiting at the gate for my plane. I arrived 2 hours early and there are only 4 of us here. Do dee do… ho humm.
At least I can see a few planes take off occasionally. That is cool. I also have time to do some blogging.
It has been a wonderful adventure full of firsts. I have seen and done so much as well as have met some great new friends. Everyone has been wonderful to us.
We drove the prairies (which are not as flat as people say). It was my first time being to Alberta and I got to experience the mountains through the Crowsnest Pass as well as the variety of mountains and valleys of BC. I swam in hot springs and cold mountain lakes, kayaked and did outdoor bowling. We played in cafes, bars, houses and a backyard. We visited a ghost town, a rock slide and a railway museum. I didn’t buy many souvenirs but took many photos to remember my journey. I bought a few postcards but haven’t had a chance to write or send them yet.
We have shared so much music and laughter (a few bad jokes and some giddyness) as well as a lot of miles.
I head back to London today and then work tomorrow. I sure packed it all in. Allison will be in BC for a few more weeks and playing at the Islands Folk Festival. Hal will be touring as he heads back to the East Coast for another 6 weeks. He is hoping to do some recording from his van on his journey. That would be cool – do it Hal!
I am wishing them the best as they continue – ya never know what the future holds. Hold on to the music. Maybe to head East next year? I’ve never been to Nova Scotia…
Well, my plane is pulling it and we may be boarding soon.
Thanks to everyone who has cared enough to follow my blog during the Dr. Pinkham’s Medicine Show tour. Until next time.


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