Posted by: Leah Morise | July 19, 2010

Flying home

The flight back from Vancouver was fairly short. It was a cloudy day and therefore I wasn’t able to see much of the mountains – I could still see them peeking through. I took the typical airplane shots that contain the edge of a wing. I had a good window seat with a view from about 4 rows behind the wing (22A is a good place to sit on the WestJet for future note). Some of the windows don’t line up well with the seating but this one was good. Again I enjoyed looking out the window for most of the trip. It is interesting to fly over the different areas and try to identify them. The flight took me over several states as well. North Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin and finally across Michigan. The average speed of the place was 597 mph and altitude just over 40,000 ft. I could see Lake Superior off in the distance and we flew right over Michigan. As we approached London they told us that it was bumpy up ahead and to put on our seat belts. Yes it was. There was a point that I couldn’t see anything and the plane was dropping down every so often. Ah well. I saw my boss’s place as we approached the airport and I was reminded that I have to work on Monday. All in all it was a good flight and an excellent tour.



  1. Glad you are safely back and that you had a good tour. Thanks for keeping us all posted on the happenings. Talk soon Jayne

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