Posted by: Leah Morise | August 4, 2010


So, apparently more people have been following my blog than I could have imagined. I was checking my stats and it was quite a warm fuzzy. Even though my tour is over people are still checking in…

So, I thought… should I continue to write things on occasion? I would like to keep it mostly about music related things rather than ramblings about how my day was or how long I waited for the train. I am sure that people don’t care to know what I get in the mail each day (well, unless it was a cheque from airplay on the CBC). 😉

I am missing the touring. I have been in contact with both Hal and Allison. Hal is currently in Saskatchewan and Allison is finishing up her time in BC before coming back to Ontario. Hal said that he is missing the harmonies and Allison said that she is “having some major Team-O-Sil withdrawal symptoms!!!!!” (for those who have watched Arrested Development). heehee  We hope to have a Dr. Pinkham reunion (well, get together for supper anyway) when Hal is passing through on his way back to the East Coast.

I am looking forward to festivals in August. I went to the Simcoe Rotary Friendship Festival last weekend. I was fortunate to get my fix of the Good Lovelies. They probably won’t be back in Ontario until around Christmas. I also saw some new acts in Duane Rutter and Jeremy Hopkins (a 13 yr old kid who writes like he has lived at least 3x that many years) on the Saturday night. We even drove back on the Sunday again to see the abundance of talented musicians for an amazing evening of entertainment. There was Corin Raymond, Sean Cotton (the Undesirables), Claire Jenkins avec band (an awesome band at that!) & Treasa Levasseur – all sharing the band members consisting of Brian Kobayakawa, David Gavin Baxter & Brad Hart. Sara Moody Vedhuis did an excellent job arranging the lineup. I hope to go back next year.

More festivals to come. I will probably review and add a few photos.

I am not sure how often I will write but if you follow the RSS feed or get on the email notice list, you can find out when I write rather than needing to check back.
Thanks for reading!


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