Posted by: Leah Morise | August 9, 2010

Sometimes as the Audience

Tonight we drove to Kitchener to see The Weakerthans. What a great show. A quick  advance story to this. Mike introduced me to their music a few years ago with their album Left and Leaving and I really liked it… until the cd got stuck in the cd player of the van for over 6 months… then – not so much. It was removed, time has passed and once again I have been able to enjoy their music. Whew!
So, tonight’s show was excellent. At one point tall people kept standing in front of me. I need to see the players at a concert – that is why you usually find me near the front. I want to see the guitar, the playing, the interaction of band members – subtle things. So I went around the side and I moved as close as I could to the front – I ended up less than two feet from the stage. It was perfect. I could see all of the players but the drummer. I loved watching the bass player dance around the stage and the connection and eye contact of the band. At one point someone’s entrance was in the wrong key and he got a look. Not a dirty look but a questioning smile like (whatcha doin?)
It is an interesting place to be – in the audience – after just returning from touring. I like that I am reminded what it is like to be on the other side; how I feel being in an audience; how I am touched by the music and watching others around me joining in, moving to the music and mouthing the words.
Then I look to the stage again and see the way John K Samson (the lead singer) smiles as he looks across the crowd. He has not lost that feeling when he is performing, the one where he sees people singing his words – and he smiles. They are not bored playing these songs over and over – life is good doing what you love.
We stayed afterwards to meet them. We chatted a few moments with the bass player (Greg Smith) and steel guitar/guitar player (Stephen Carroll).  Mike said a quick hey to Rusty Matyas (who played the trumpet) He has a trumpet tattooed on the back of his left arm.
We waited so that we could speak to John K Samson. He was very nice. Mike told him the story about the cd in the van and he said that he could understand how 6 months would be “too much”. I told him that I really liked his writing style and found it very inspiring. We (Mike, our friend Vahe and I) got some photos with a few of the band members.
The ride home was filled with talk about the evening and the experience of it. That was a live show that I would certainly recommend.
I am feeling so inspired. If it were not almost 3 in the morning…


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