Posted by: Leah Morise | August 15, 2010

Allison Brown’s CD – Viper at the Virgin’s Feet

I thought that I would take a few minutes to write a bit about Allison Brown’s CD – Viper at the Virgin’s Feet.

I toured with Allison as well as Manitoba Hal in June and July and was able to enjoy listening as well as singing along in harmony with her on many of the songs from her new cd.

Here is how her music is described: “Allison Brown likes her religion a little bit gritty, takes her country music with a side of syrup and keeps her folk as dusty as the ol’ cabin floor.”

Allison began the recording on an island in BC with David Essig and then finished and mastered it here in London with Andy Magoffin. You will hear many fine musicians when you listen to this album. The cd contains a diverse selection of originals, traditional songs and a few excellent interpretations including Iris Dement’s “Our Town”.

I love her songs “All the Birds” and “Something Holy” and I would have to say that my favourite to sing along with was “Uncloudy Day/Evenin’ Train”. I heard many say that they liked Allison’s version of “Pancho & Lefty” more than the original. I had never heard the original before so hers is the natural one for me. I especially enjoy hearing it live with trumpet added as the part of the Federales!

Allison will be passing through London a few times this summer before she settles in the big T.O. Check out her website for dates and details:

Allison will be missed as a huge contributor to the music scene in London. She hosted the folk music radio program “For The Folk” on CHRW Radio 94.9 FM, recommended great music at Grooves Record Store and played everywhere there was to play in town. I wish Allison well in all of her future endeavours and hope to sing with her again soon.


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