Posted by: Leah Morise | August 22, 2010

Karyn Ellis

I am often asked who my favourite musicians are. People expect to hear names that they recognize like Joni Mitchell or something (I do like Joni) but most of my favourite artist are friends who I have met through the folk community. There are so many talented artists out there who are amazing and have a huge following but don’t have the world-wide fame as Joni. Karyn is one of these amazing artists and I wish to occasionally blog about some of the people I enjoy listening to the most.

Karyn Ellis has always got something on the go!
Currently she would like you to vote for her song “Little Grey Sparrow”  for David Suzuki’s Playlist for the Planet!
The voting ends on August 25th, 2010 – so vote now!
You must be logged in to vote and you can vote once per day. Look under Ontario and scroll down until you see her song.

Recently Karyn has been doing writing workshops, festivals and her usual touring.
She did something that I had never heard of before – a Creative Mashup with Ian Smith in Hamilton. It was a show where they wrote a song together while on stage with the audience watching. I would like to try some co-writing but I don’t know if I would want to do it on stage while people are waiting…
There is a video of it on YouTube
You can also see her “Be My Girl” and other videos at:

I have liked Karyn’s writing and singing style since the first time I heard her. She is a captivating solo artist who can also lend wonderful harmonies when in a group setting like with The Girls With Glasses. I can listen to her albums over and over. Karyn’s voice is delicate and melodic – not saying she can’t belt it out that is for sure. Her songs are honest, some quiet stories while others are upbeat sing-along songs that stay with you for days. Believe me – I  sometimes wake up with one of her songs playing over and over in my head. One of my favourite songs is Motorcycle Ride. It think it is because I can imagine the ride – I miss having a bike. Karyn is very visually descriptive in her songwriting and I can usually create my own video as I listen to her songs. We all have different taste in music so take a moment to check out her stuff and decide for yourself.

You can check out Karyn’s website for more information and to find out when she will be playing in a city near you.

Thanks for dropping in.


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