Posted by: Leah Morise | September 2, 2010

Eaglewood 2010 – Friday night arrival

This past weekend we had the absolute pleasure of attending Eaglewood Folk Festival in Pefferlaw. This is an amazing festival and I have to say that this is the best one that I have ever experienced. It was full of wonderful music, laughs and meeting new friends.

We couldn’t leave London until 5 pm and by the time we arrived it was getting dark. We checked out campsite after campsite and most were pretty full. Finally we drove into an area where we were welcomed and these strangers even moved their tent so that we could squeeze in. We set up by flashlight and the interior lights of the van and then quickly gathered our gear to go photograph the main stage. Mike and I were the official “head honchos” of the photography for the weekend. Armed and ready with two cameras each – we were off! We thanked our new neighbours for making space for us and headed towards the music (having no idea where we were at this point since we were about as far away from the main stage as possible). We even cut off the path and walked through the woods at points (and wondered how on earth we would find our way back).

We only caught the last two acts of the night – The Saturday Saints as well as Sourpuss. The Saturday Saints is a bluegrass duo and Sourpuss is a 6 piece band that plays roots and traditional blues. The energy of the crowd was excellent.

We headed back to our campsite (which meant wandering about until we recognized anything familiar). Then we heard some conga drums (remembering that there were some set up at the campsite). Again we followed the music. There was a campfire going and people were playing tunes around the circle. There was a nice variety of music. I brought out my little Gretch and played a few tunes. Our neighbours are: Jim and Irena, Mike, Bill and Ken. We heard some Tom Waits tunes and sang along to Johnny Cash’s song “Long Black Veil”.

What a blast! Mike took out his trumpet and although I think that they didn’t know what to expect (a trumpet? – in the woods?) they were pleasantly surprised by the way it fit right in.

Mike (the other one) was wearing a glowing collar around his neck and playing the drums. He went for a walk and we all laughed so hard when he was coming back down the trail and looked like a floating head. We added Ken’s headlight lamp and took video of it. It was quite amusing.

We promised that there would be no Reveille in the morning and they were glad. I think we jammed until around 3 and then we had to head to bed so that we could be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in the morning.


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