Posted by: Leah Morise | September 2, 2010

Eaglewood – Sunday

OOOOPS! We had been charging the batteries for the cameras as much as possible but the phone didn’t have a full charge that night. We were using it as the alarm but when we woke to hearing the neighbours gabbing I knew we had slept in and that the battery was dead – YIKES!  We had planned on packing up the tent and then heading to photograph but instead we grabbed a granola bar and juice box and walked quickly so we could catch the end of the first event! Whew! I was really stressed about it but it all turned out fine. Sunday was another sunny day filled with friends and wonderful music. The “Greet the Day Singing” workshop was a perfect way to start a Sunday. I was soaking that up.

At the Kid’s Town they were making tie-dye flags for the parade later that day. Oh my, the kids were SOOOOO adorable. There was one little boy who every time he would see the camera would stop and say “cheeeeeese” for a very long time (2 photos of him on here – orange shirt). It didn’t matter if he was 20 feet away. Oh, we laughed so much. Mike even took video of him saying it once. He also kept wanting to help take the picture. He was approximately 2 years old?

There were workshops where we learned why people wrote their songs, there was an all-David workshop (photo included) and a variety of roots/bluegrass/folk/drumming workshops. They held a ukulele open jam where they brought extra ukes that people could borrow and learn the basics. That was a stage of all ages and they had some interesting instruments including a banjo uke (photo included).

The Kid’s Parade was such fun! I started at the side taking pictures but SOMEHOW ended up in the middle of it and just spinning around taking photos all around me. I had a smile the whole time. They had brought some costumes too (horse costumes that looked like the kids were riding a horse, sun headdresses and giant puppets with the heads of owls and eagles). It was more fun than I expected and I am so glad to have been part of that.

We saw some of our neighbours as they were about to leave and finally took a photo with them (for photographers I can’t believe that it took us that long – heehee – photo included).

During the supper hour we went back to camp and packed up. Jim and Irena were still packing up and then left before us (photo included).  The other neighbours had left their cards with contact information at our tent so we could keep in touch. As we finished packing up I was feeling a bit sad that it was almost over.

The evening concert was good. My favourite was Katherine Wheatley. She is amazing and can draw out so many emotions in a span of one hour. The power of one guitar and voice – WHOA! She is awesome!

Someone I had never heard play before this weekend was David Hein. He was so entertaining and sang us some songs from his musical “My Mother’s Lesbian Jewish Wiccan Wedding” Oh my – we laughed so hard. We were right up near the stage to take photos and were certainly friendly faces at the front – singing along and laughing loud. We chatted with him later and I told him that I wished he could bring the show to The Grand Theatre. He wrote it as a Fringe show and it was picked up by Mirvish. Now he is in the process of preparing it for New York. Very cool!

So the CDs we bought this time were: Katherine Wheatley “Landed”, David Hein “North of Nowhere” and “My Mother’s Lesbian Jewish Wiccan Wedding”, and Jaron Freeman-Fox “Manic Almanac: Slow Mobius”. We listened to all of them on the long ride home and talked about the inspiring weekend that we experienced. Trevor Mills is stepping down from being the AD and we don’t know who will fill those shoes next year but it is a great festival and I am already looking forward to 2011.

Check out the Eaglewood website – find them on Facebook and go next year!


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