Posted by: Leah Morise | September 18, 2010

Black Walnut Folk Club

Last night we attended the Black Walnut Folk Club in Kitchener. We decided at the last minute, as we left work, that we would stop to get our instruments and then drive to Kitchener. We had heard about this event from friends (Jim and Irena) we had med at Eaglewood Folk Festival. We arrived in time to sign up (the list fills quickly) and then went to grab some food. The event starts a 8:00 and goes until roughly 11:30 or 12:00 and is held the 3rd Friday of every month. You can get more info at:

They start with a opening 30 min guest spot and then other performers play after that. It is done coffee house style and people are very attentive. There was a variety of styles of music with people playing for the first time on their stage to seasoned performers. Even the sound man, Randy, got up and played a few tunes (see photo). Neither of us brought a camera so I just took a pic with my phone. There were originals and sing-along songs that I had not heard since I was a child. Everyone we met was so nice and we visited and caught up with a few people we knew as well. I decided to play Hurricane and Flowers in the Carpet so Mike could play the trumpet. The sound of the trumpet was pretty cool in that space (it is a community centre). Our friend Andrew gave us info about another Folk Club in Cambridge – another road trip… probably!

Overall – it was a good evening and worth the drive to Kitchener.


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