Posted by: Leah Morise | February 10, 2011

Evalyn Parry

Not only is Evalyn an entertaining singer/songwriter and spoken word artist but she is also a playwright and theatre actor.

Evalyn came by it honestly – her father a member of The Friends of Fiddlers Green and her mother a performer of children’s music. Her brother, Richard Reed Parry, is a current member of the successful Montreal band Arcade Fire.

Evalyn has performed for many years as a solo artist as well as toured with the Girls with Glasses. She has been featured on CBC and on Bravo. Evalyn told us the story of how she met a man outside the venue for a show and later wrote a song about that Great Lakes sailor. After recording the song she had a CBC search for the man and was able to connect and let him know about the song through them. Never a dull moment.

She has released 3 CDs as well as a DVD of her live show. Many well known and respected artists (Suzie Vinnick, Anne Lindsay, Jenny Whiteley and Ken Whiteley) have accompanied her on the cds.

Some of the theatrical pieces are: “Clean Irene and Dirty Maxine”, “Breakfast” and the most recent show “Spin”. Spin is next scheduled to run from March 15-27 in Toronto at the Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, Toronto. Spin: “an innovative musical show that uses song, spoken word poetry and monologue to investigate The Bicycle as muse, musical instrument, and instrument of social change.”

Evalyn has such a variety in her style. She is sharp, witty and has an awesome sense of humour. With quirky songs about feminine products to songs that show her passion for the environment and social change – you never know what to expect.

She is currently touring with the Girls With Glasses and will be in London Ontario on February 18th at The London Music Club. I will try to write more about them within the next week.

You can check out her website:  for more information.



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