Posted by: Leah Morise | February 22, 2011

Eve Goldberg and The Girls with Glasses

I have been enjoying Eve’s music for at least 10 years. Eve has staying power, great songs and a strong yet sweet clear voice. Not only do I have all of her albums but I have enjoyed her voice on many others in the folk scene. Eve’s style is not easy to categorize – folk, blues, jazz and old time music.

There are several songs that come to the forefront when I think of Eve’s music. Some of my favourites are: Down to Tennessee, Leaving Nova Scotia Blues (where she sometimes dreams of living), Let Me Rise, There’s Something About a Sunday, Little Boat and any that she asks folks to sing along with her! 😉
Okay, now that I am thinking about it, I really like SO many of her songs I could pretty much just list them all.

I used to love hearing her instrumental song “Watermelon Sorbet” at the opening of the CBC show “Richardson’s Roundup”. It made me smile every time.

Eve’s songs can tug at your deepest emotions. Her songs make you think of your relationships and push you to carry on with your dreams in life.

She has also written a song for change called The Streets of Burma. It was inspired by monks and nuns who were arrested for peacefully protesting. Amnesty International picked up the song for the campaign to free U Gambira (you can listen to the song and make a donation at:

One of my favourite things is to listen to Eve at festival workshops. I especially love the way she can find harmonies with anyone in any song. She has become very well respected amongst her peers and it is obvious why.

Eve is also a teacher of singing, songwriting and guitar (both in workshop settings and now live on the web). It is easy to feel comfortable around Eve – you can see why she is sought out as a teacher. The latest thing that I have heard is that she has started a ukulele class in Toronto. What fun that would be – too bad we are a bit far for that. Hmmmm.

Well, for more info about Eve or to hear some of her songs you can visit her website:

So, I guess that the blog about Eve is a great segue into The Girls with Glasses.
Eve is one of the members who currently includes Eve Goldberg, Evalyn Parry and Karyn Ellis.

Thursday night I was fortunate to see the Girls with Glasses perform at Foster’s Inn in Stratford. They have an excellent entertainment series and this show was no exception.

Allison Brown (one of the original GWGs) opened the show. She even asked me up to do some harmonies for her last tune (see photo with me wearing my “glasses”).

I think that in the five years that The Girls with Glasses have been performing together I might have missed one. They are all amazing artists on their own and when they come together they add lovely harmonies to each other’s songs. You can see that I enjoy their music in the fact that I have been blogging about them individually.

The crowd was attentive and joined in with minimal encouragement. We were grateful to our friend Peter who invited us to join him as his table (right up front). Well, I do think that he invited us – maybe we invited ourselves… either way he obliged.

Mike took a few photos of the girls after the show and had a fun little photo shoot. It was well worth the drive to Stratford.



  1. Yup, you were invited. 🙂 Nice writeup of a fun evening!

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