Posted by: Leah Morise | June 20, 2011

Taloola Cafe in Windsor

What a wonderful weekend. We relaxed at the Brown’s residence on Saturday and then went into Windsor a bit early to take some photos of the Ambassador Bridge and the river front. We ate supper at the Taloola Cafe before the show – yum. What an adorable place. I took a few pics of the interior so you could see some of the decor. What a wonderful acoustic show with Allison Brown and special guests (including Mike Bourgeault on trumpet).

Sunday was an adventurous day with a trip to Point Pelee. We walked to the point and Mike took many photos. The mosquitoes were SO BAD and we walked quickly. I still find it quite amazing how from the point you see the waves so high on one side and how calm the other side is. We then went to the boardwalk and walked around there for a while. We came too close to a birds nest at one point and were dive bombed. I was surprised at how close it actually got to us. We could see the babies in the nest from the boardwalk and Mike got some photos.

Then we went to an event called Wheatley Two Creeks Association – Summer Concert Series. Tannis Slimmon was the entertainment for the night. She was also joined by The Laws. What a great show outdoors at the Conservation area. Everyone was sitting on chairs on the hill and enjoyed an excellent show. Tannis asked Allison, Mike and I to come up and join her on a few tunes. I LOVE singing with Tannis!

All in all a wonderful, music-packed weekend! I am now getting excited about the tour to the East Coast which is in 11 days! I can’t wait to see Nova Scotia for the first time, play with Manitoba Hal as well as go visit friends we haven’t seen in a few years. It is going to be great!



  1. Oooh, first time to Nova Scotia? Exciting! There’s a lot of fun stuff kicking off right around Canada Day so hopefully your trip coincides with some of our festivals! Let us know how the tour goes!


    • I am hoping to get there in time for the last day of the Stan Rogers Folk Festival but will be late for any Canada Day activities. I am excited about my first trip there. Thanks! Leah

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