Posted by: Leah Morise | June 22, 2011

What else is going on?

These past few months have been pretty crazy with tour planning stuff. I’ve also been thinking about doing some musical theatre again. There is one role for an upcoming show that I have always thought would be fun to play. I am auditioning for that this weekend. Even if I don’t suit the vision they have for this role it is always good to refresh those skills by auditioning. We’ve been working on the yard and trying to get the fence fixed – always something to do around the house. While doing all of that I am trying to ride my motorcycle on nice days (of which there have not been enough).

The other thing taking some of my time is photography. Many of you may know that Mike Bourgeault is a photographer and some of you may have seen his work. I had studied photography as part of my course in Graphic Design and, although I don’t show my work very often, I also enjoy it as an art form. Mike and I decided this year to collaborate and share a space at the Visual Fringe that is part of the London Fringe Festival. Our work is currently on display at The Arts Project on Dundas Street in London.

The concept of the show for us is a bit different (because you can be different – that is what Fringe is all about). Mike has begun shooting with antique film cameras that date from 1913 to the mid 1960s. It is interesting to go from being a digital photographer to film and has been a fascinating process for him that requires taking such care in each photo. As I have watched him progress, I have also enjoyed the process and decided that I would create a “study of the photographer”. It was an interesting project and many people have enjoyed seeing it. In the photo you can see that Mike’s black and white photography is across the top and my shots of him are on the bottom. In the middle we have a few photos of the cameras as well as our bios. If you are in the London area you should try to stop by the gallery or take in one of the many shows that are going on until the end of the week.

Well, there are always many things on the go and I look forward to sharing more of them with you. I will be blogging about the tour and sharing my experiences traveling to the East Coast. Can you tell that I am getting a bit excited?  😉



  1. […] is also a very good photographer, as well as a graphic designer. Last year, we made a shared exhibition at the 2011 Visual Fringe. Leah turned the camera on me, while I was turning my antique film […]

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