Posted by: Leah Morise | July 8, 2011

Days 2-4 Atlantic Adventure

Saturday we woke fairly early and off we went again. We were on a mission for our destination but also didn’t want to be driving by everything on the trip. We stopped a few times at lookout areas and took a short detour to Grand Falls, NB. The falls were nice and Mike took some photos. There was a zip line that went across the falls but we didn’t have time for that this trip. As we were driving we did a FB status update of where we were and our friends Jim and Carol texted us to say that if were were there in time should head to Antigonish to visit with them that night. We made it there by about 11pm and visited with them as well as A.J and Andrew. Andrew gave me a few travel books and some suggestions on what we might find interesting. On the Sunday we got up and had breakfast with our friends and then headed to Canso for the Stan Rogers Folk Festival. It was a lovely scenic drive along the water and we stopped a few times to take some photos. It was our first time to Stanfest and we got to see some artists that we had never seen before as well as a few we had. It was a very windy day, and we didn’t have camping for that night (you needed to book the whole weekend), so we left early and missed the evening shows to get somewhere we could find accommodations. We stopped for a quick photo at the communications building where the distress signal for The Titanic was received. This building is also in distress with falling brick and broken windows. We decided as we were driving to go all the way to Pictou and stay there so we would be closer to the things we wanted to do on Monday. We checked out the ship Hector in Pictou in the morning. They have an information centre and self-guided tour of the museum and ship. Then we headed to Windsor where Mike’s ex-bandmate lives. Mike found three cameras in the downtown antique shop for a reasonable price. It was a relaxing evening with Jamie and Laura – jamming, a yummy bbq and reminiscing.



  1. It’s nice to keep up with your adventure via the internet. Looks like you
    are having fun. Wish I was there. You know how I love to travel with you
    guys, and I know you are saying to yourselves, “We wish Mom was here.”
    Remind Mike that I am waiting for that perfect photo.. Love, Mom

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