Posted by: Leah Morise | July 10, 2011

Day 5 & 6 – Bay of Fundy shores

For two days we did day trips from Windsor. The first day we went through Wolfville and there was a beautiful Look Off near Canning. We drove towards Cape Spit which is the area that joins the Minas Basin and the Bay of Fundy. This is where you can really see some drastic tides. We stopped at a small pier where there were a few fishing boats that were on the ground because it was low tide. During the time that we were taking photos it rose by at least 3 feet. It was very cool to see how quickly it happens. We were going to walk through the park to Cape Split but we had too much on the agenda that day and it said that it would take 4-5 hours. Next stop – Hall’s Harbour! Very cool little harbour that boasts the highest tides (although it seemed that there were several places that boast that fact!) It had a cool place where you could see the loading dock where the fish/seafood came in. It is actually the same building as the restaurant/gift shop. So, you go into the gift shop to place your order. There they have the tanks of live lobsters and you pick one. They weigh it in a bin, you pay and then take it to the cook directly. They give you a number and they bring you your meal in another building that is more like a cafeteria. (this is where my mom will be jealous that she wasn’t there for lobster). I wasn’t feeling hungry enough for a lobster that day but this would have been the place to do it. I did have a basket of fried clams and that was delicious. I took a photo of the order in front of us. We then drove to Greenwood and checked out the Greenwood Military Aviation Museum. It was pretty cool and had some full-sized planes in the building. There were mannequins with the uniforms from different divisions and time periods. Mike played in a simulator – it was old but it was cool that it had a little plane body around it. As we were leaving we saw some parachute jumpers practicing on the military base. We headed back to Windsor for the evening, had a nice supper and then checked out the Windsor Mud Flats. When the tide goes out it is cool how sculptural the mud looks. I find it fascinating to see what it looks like under the water.
The next day we went the other direction staying within the Minas Basin.We took back roads and would just turn down random roads to go down to the shore. We saw a lighthouse near Walton where you could go inside. The woman there was so helpful. She suggested that we check out Burncoat Head for a beautiful spot for photos. She was correct! You walk down the trail and then down into an area where the change of tide is almost 40 feet. Wow. It was so cool walking on the floor of the basin. The rock and sand were so red and the landscape quite dramatic. We took a few photos there too. We headed back to Windsor and checked out Fort Edward as well as the museum in town. There was also the Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia where they got to see some of the puppets on display. That night was for relaxing, we watched movies, ordered pizza and did laundry.


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