Posted by: Leah Morise | July 11, 2011

Day 10 – Lunenburg

Today we set off for the show in Lunenburg at the Scuttlebutt. First stop was to meet our friend Shelah at The Dockside. There I ate the Digby clams while looking out over the harbour. Life is good. We had a nice visit and then Shelah offered to give us a little tour of town. Well, I certainly learned a lot. It is a Unesco World Heritage sight because it is one of the few towns that has retained it’s grid pattern (like Savannah). We saw the fisherman’s memorial where they list all of the fishermen lost at sea (in their recorded history). We saw the waterfront including a cool ship called the Picton Castle that was docked there. It goes on a year-long sail around the world. That would be pretty crazy and intense. People pay for the experience and have to go through psychological testing to see if they can handle something like that. It was built in 1928 as a  fishing trawler, in WWII was used as a minesweeper and then was refitted with sails to be a tall ship 1n 1996. We went down near the dory shop but couldn’t see much there. Shelah explained some of the architecture and history of the town and then took us down to see the restoration of the Bluenose II (the one one our dime). We had to wear hard hats and safety goggles to go see it. A very interesting thing she told us is that the launch of the last Bluenose was delayed as they waited for the mayor (who was also the doctor) to deliver a baby – and she was THAT baby. Cool.
There is Ironworks Distillery that operates in the old Blacksmith shop. They tried to keep much of the old look of it and have just made changes as needed and added insulation. Hal bought a t-shirt.
We found out about the widow’s walk and widow’s watch and the Lunenburg bump (looks like a bay window but on the 2nd floor over the door).
We checked out The Lunenburg Academy (built in 1894) which is a very old school that is still in use (grades one to five). We also did a tour of St John’s Anglican Church (built in 1754) that had burnt in 2001 and was rebuilt. You would have no idea by the amazing work that was done to restore it to original details. Some of the parts were salvaged and they tried to use bits of glass from the stain glass windows in each of the new ones. It was so very beautiful. We went down to the Scuttlebutt for supper before the show. Yummy!  I took a photo of my name on the sign. The owner’s daughter was so cute and chatted with us quite a bit. The owners were so nice and treated us well. Hal has known them a while and has friends and fans in Lunenburg so the evening was such fun. We also met people from all over Canada and other parts of the world. It is a lovely venue and I would recommend going there if you are ever in Lunenburg.
On the way home I took a photo of a McDonald’s sign. In Ontario we have many different “Mc”things but have you ever seen or tried McLobster? I didn’t yet but I took a photo of the sign.

Mike has been taking so many photos with the antique cameras. I have included a photo of him with the changing bag as he takes the film out of the holders and reloads them.


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