Posted by: Leah Morise | July 11, 2011

Day 8 and 9 – Shows with Manitoba Hal

Well, if I thought yesterday my back was bad – this morning… oh my! I couldn’t actually get out of the bed for almost an hour and then it took over 20 minutes to get down the stairs. I was quite worried because I had a show tonight. I rested most of the day. We went on a harbour cruise of Shelburne Harbour in the afternoon. Because of an island that protects the entrance of the harbour (McNutt), the water is very calm so I chanced it. It was a very gentle ride. We didn’t see any whales but saw several seals not far from the boat. Tonight’s show at the Sea Dog Saloon was good. I was in pain and sat between songs but the crowd was awesome and Hal and I had so much fun. Mike Bourgeault played trumpet on several songs and the crowd loved that too. I sold a bunch of cds and everyone expressed that they enjoyed the show. Yeah. Then to bed and rest my back!

Saturday – my back was still sore but at least I could get out of the bed in one try. Walking up or down stairs was still slow but going better. Today we headed to Liverpool and checked out the Sherman Hines Photography Museum. We liked it VERY much. There were so many cameras that we had never seen, some that Mike actually has and some he wished he did. They also had some of the stereo image viewers like Mike owns including a few of the photographs he has too. That was cool. I would love to try to take some pics with one of the stereoscopic cameras. Basically it takes two photos and when you look through the viewer it is 3D. When people first saw this technology they fell off their chairs. Can you imagine if they saw Avatar in 3D?  We headed to Wolfville and played Paddy’s Pub that night. What a fun crowd. Jamie and Laura drove from Windsor to the show and there were a bunch of Hal’s fans right up front. The food was delicious and the staff awesome. All in all a wonderful night.


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