Posted by: Leah Morise | July 12, 2011

Day 11 – Shelburne Harbour and Pubnico

Today we drove around Shelburne Harbour and checked out a few rivers and the Roseway Beach taking photos. The destination was to eat lobster in Pubnico. We stopped at an old rail bridge, Mike got some sand for his mom at Roseway Beach, we checked out The Hawk Beach and saw a cool stone church near Clark’s Harbour. There was a boat that had probably been beached by a hurricane and was rotting in a field. As we were taking photos of it I realized that there was a cow laying down beside it – a very strange thing to see – a cow under a boat. We went for lunch at Dennis Point Cafe and I had fresh steamed lobster. The other day I went to a place that wanted $35 for it so I had the clams instead. Today it was only $14.95 for the steamed lobster dinner – and it was good!!! Oh Yeah!
We went back to Hal’s place and Nigel came over for a ukulele jam. Yup, I was jamming out on the uke. We had a blast and played so many songs. Before we knew it we had jammed for four hours. Good times. We only have one more full day in Shelburne before heading back. The time is going so quickly. A final shot for the night – Hal’s street around midnight.



  1. Lobster, lobster, lobster. Yum! See if one will follow you home. It used
    to work with dogs. Did you get photos of the old guns?………..Mom

  2. None followed me home – sorry. And I don’t think that I got any photos. I will check when I upload all of my photos.

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