Posted by: Leah Morise | July 15, 2011

Days 13 and 14 – Leaving Nova Scotia

This morning we had our last breakfast in Shelburne (at least for a while… ;-0). The decision was made to take the ferry at Digby. Yeah – another boat ride. Mike and I left right after breakfast and took the scenic drive all around the southern part of Nova Scotia on highways 1 and 101. That allowed us to stop for more photos as we come to grips with leaving Nova Scotia. This is where Mike used up the last of his 75 sheets of the 4″ x 5″ film.

We got on the Digby Ferry (Princess of Acadia) that takes you to St John NB. It was a huge ferry and holds many cars, buses and transport trucks. We ate lunch inside but then spent the rest of a very windy ride on the deck looking for whales. The determination payed off because we saw one! It was so cool! I took a photo with my camera but of course it looks like a speck. I really enjoyed taking the ferry. We got to St. John and said our goodbyes to Hal. He had a show there that night and we were driving on towards the next gig for us in Woodstock. We drove towards Fredericton and ended up staying in Oromocto. Let’s just say that there were not very many places that we could find open…

The next morning we got up and had Timmy’s for breakfast (thanks again Deb for the gift card) and headed the scenic route along the river. We stopped in Fredericton and checked out a lovely private art gallery with a bunch of things we wished we could afford. Then we also checked out Beaverbrook Art Gallery. They had several exhibitions running for a few months plus their permanent collections. WOW. We saw painting from 1430 – that is 581 years old. That is crazy! There were pieces of furniture from the 1600s. Gorgeous stuff with amazing details and craftsmanship. We drove to Woodstock and arrived quite early. It is a lovely town. We decided that we wanted to sit under a tree in the park and just relax for a while. The thing is – their parks don’t have large trees – most are just grass. We ended up finding a little trail entrance that had a tree. I pulled the guitar out for a bit and played a few tunes. A “friendly gentleman” from across the road came to check things out and chat a while…  😉

We ate supper at the Fusion Coffee Co. (where I played) and the food was delicious. I played from 8-10 for a lovely and attentive crowd. It is amazing that in such a small place I met someone who used to live in St. Thomas (only 20 minutes from London) who used to play with Orchestra London. We even know a bunch of the same people. We also met some other people who had been to London  (including the “friendly gentleman” in the park). Small world I tell ya! All in all a wonderful evening. We spent the night in Woodstock. Thanks so much to Tracie for the hospitality!

Well, I cannot upload the photos today because the Days Inn seems to have blocked uploading. I will try to get them up asap.


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