Posted by: Leah Morise | July 16, 2011

Day 15 – the countdown to home.

We got up this morning and dropped by the Fusion Coffee Co. on the way out of town. Mike bought one of those coffee presses and got a cup of coffee for the road.

We drove just down the road and saw the longest covered bridge (1282 feet) in Hartland. We took a few photos and drove across it. Then we checked out a place just down the road – the Coverered Bridge Potato Chips. It was interesting to see how they were made and we got a small bag as a sample that was right off the line (still warm). Yum!

We drove to Trois-Rivieres and visited with our friend Kenya and her boyfriend Shany. We went to eat at a place on the main street called Resto-Bar Fast Fou. It was very good and I had a huge hamburger and yummy fries with a garlic & rosemary mayo for a dip. The waitress was so nice. We attempted to say as much as we could in French but Kenya certainly helped with questions about some of the ingredients. We had a wonderful meal and chat. Then we went down to the riverfront. It is a very clean and active area. They had 5 or 6 life-sized chess games that are there all summer. Most were the standard pieces but one set was characters from Mario. Fun! We walked around and checked out the old homes, churches and monasteries. Just outside of the library we saw two pirates. Random! So we asked to get our photos with them. As we dropped her off we saw fireworks going off and joked that she really knows how to treat guests.

We drove to Berthierville and decided to stay at the Days Inn.

bonne nuit



  1. Sure glad you are on the way home. I miss you guys. It was nice to read
    your blogs and keep up with your trip. Let me know when you get home.
    Mom xoxox

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