Posted by: Leah Morise | July 17, 2011

Day 16 – Campbellford

Last show tonight in Campbellford Ontario.

We got up this morning and drove without much stopping. At one point a transport blew a tire in front of us. Luckily none of the bits hit us and the truck pulled over safely. Whew!

We arrived in Campbellford early and took a walk through the park by the river. They have a giant toonie there so we checked that out. The show at The Stinking Rose started at 9. We had supper and then got there by 8 to set up. They hadn’t turned on the air conditioner early enough and it was really hot and humid. Eeek. They turned on fans etc but I have to tell you that it was unbelievably hot. They tried opening the door but the mosquitoes were so bad and I was trying to swat at them while I was playing. It reminded me of an outdoor festival. 😉 I won’t hold that against them – it is a lovely town. It is still not as bad as the bugs around Winnipeg last year – dang! After the show we sat down by the river for a bit. The temperature was so nice but the bugs still bad. It is almost 1am and time for bed. We are going to get up fairly early and try to make it to see some of Home County Folk Festival tomorrow.


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