Posted by: Leah Morise | August 27, 2014

Concerts in our house

One of the main reasons we bought a church to have as our home is that we wanted to have house concerts in the sanctuary so touring musicians would have an awesome place to play where they are appreciated, can make some money, and have a home cooked meal and place to sleep.

Here are the concerts we have had so far:

Hohgroup (1 of 4)
Karyn Ellis and Kim Beggs
The first house concert we held was with Karyn and Kim. As it was the first one we were not really sure what to expect. I tried to plan and prepare as much as I could and then just hoped that I hadn’t forgotten anything. Well, I did end up forgetting a cheese tray in the fridge but the gals sure did enjoy it for an after-show snack. The show was great. I was so overcome with emotion when we stood up to announce the start of the first show that I was holding back tears. When a dream comes true it is an amazing feeling. Both sets were great. The audience really seemed to enjoy the show and we had some time for socializing between sets. Mike made the coffee (40 cups I think) and he did alright. It sure is handy to have a few things that the congregation left us so we could have large gatherings. What a great start to our house concert series. Mike took a photo of everyone in the pews at the end of the show.

Hohgroup (2 of 4)
Scott Cook and Brian MacMillan
What a great night. Well, except for the storm which included a lightning show outside. It wouldn’t have been so bad but Roxy (our dog) is terrified of thunderstorms and was not ok with being left alone during the show. Even by my side she was “beside herself” and quite stressed. The power flickered a few times as well but the show went on. What an amazing night of music. We have had a list of people we wanted to have perform at our house and were able to cross a few more of our favourites from the list. Brian started with his set and then him and Scott Galloway joined Scott Cook for the 2nd set. There were times that you certainly could hear a pin drop. People were mesmerized. I know that I was. Mike recorded and uploaded Scott Cook singing Pass It Along. Mike took a photo at the end again and that is now going to continue as tradition for every show.

Hohgroup (3 of 4)
Allison Brown and Shawna Caspi
It was great to have Allison Brown and Shawna Caspi play at our house. I may have been too hospitable because Allison wanted to move in… It was such a fun show. I was glad to go up and sing harmonies on a few tunes with Allison and it brings back the times we have played together and toured. She brought Uncle Dan Henshall, Jedd House and Vera Coley to play as well. We had met Shawna at the folk festival conference a few years back. She had heard about us buying the church and we sat together and chatted. Another great night of music and laughs. Allison and Vera stayed in the trailer and said it was fairly comfortable. Yeah – it is now our spare room when we need space.

Hohgroup (4 of 4)
Manitoba Hal and Karen Morand
I had toured with Hal a few times (both West coast and East) and it was great to have him play at our house. It was an exciting (and mildly stressful) day leading up to the show. I decided we would just go with the flow and hope for the best – here is why… Hal contacted us earlier on his progress and at that time was running about 6 hours late coming from BC on a train. Apparently there had been a derailment of another train somewhere near Kamloops and that set them back considerably. Karen opened the night with a wonderful set. She was planning on rehearsing a few tunes with Hal in the afternoon and joining him on his set but poor Hal was VERY delayed coming in. He ended up being something like 9 hours late. Karen played her set and we had an extended break while Hal was on his way. Hal arrived and rushed upstairs, plugged in his gear and played like the pro that he is. Karen did an amazing job on harmonies even though they had not had any chance to play together. The show was excellent. I warmed up the food that he missed for supper and we visited while he ate the first meal he had since morning. Karen and Charlie stayed in the trailer this time and Charlie kind of hinted that he was going to take it home. These shows have been great and the feedback from the audience is great. Visit to sign up to our mailing list and find out who is coming next. We are planning on having 4 concerts per year so you will not be “spammed” by us! We are looking forward to one more on October 24th (Gathering Sparks) – hope you can make it.


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