Posted by: Leah Morise | August 12, 2015

Day 4 and 5 – Cabot Trail

IMG_3405We didn’t really have cell reception and no wi-fi for a few days so I am catching up again.
We started Tuesday with breakfast burritos at the campsite. It was an experiment and I think I did okay. We went on Donelda’s Puffin Boat Tour just outside of Baddeck near Englishtown. She was fun and informative and even fed a pair of bald eagles as they came near the boat – that was cool! I was using Mike’s big heavy camera with the telephoto lens and got a few nice pics. We saw puffins, cormorants, seals and various gulls. We didn’t quite have enough time to make it to the Bell Museum so we ate supper and drove on to Broad Cove Campground (north of Ingonish).

IMG_3413  IMG_3418

Today it rained and rained off and on all day and was very windy. The scenery was really nice but we really couldn’t get out of the van much for photos. We were going to go whale watching today as well but that was a no go – so, instead we went back to Baddeck and were able to check out the Bell Museum. It was interesting toIMG_3424 see so many of Alexander Graham Bell’s inventions. Mike really liked the flight part of it and the history of aviation. It POURED as we were walking to the van and we got soaked! Spent the evening trying to dry ourselves out. Thus ends the Cabot Trail portion of the tour. Here is the view out of our tiny trailer tonight. We will be leaving Cape Breton in the morning.


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