Posted by: Leah Morise | August 16, 2015

Day 7 & 8 – Shelburne and Halifax

It has been a busy few days. We spent Friday with Hal and went to see the lighthouse at Sandy Point where Mike got some nice photos and video. Then we did laundry (believe me – that needed to be done). We played a few tunes while waiting at the laundromat. We went for supper at the Ships Galley before the show and it was yummy! I really enjoyed doing a show with Hal again. He played along to some of my songs and I sang harmonies to his. We met many interesting and terrific people and it was a great night. Shelburne is a wonderful town. In the morning we went for breakfast at the Bean Dock down on the waterfront and to the farmers market. Mike and I headed to Halifax (our van clicked over to 200,000 kms on the way there) and had time to check out the Halifax Folklore Centre and walk along the pier in the afternoon. We even found out about Leatherback sea turtles (I do love turtles). We arrived early so we could have supper at The Nook on Gottingen before the show. Oh my – it was SO good. You should go there. Also, the staff is so nice and I loved the atmosphere. I especially liked that they had printer’s typeset drawers under glass for tables and a “periodic table of typefaces” as art in the washroom. The graphic artist geek in me loved it. Highlights of the night included catching up with our friend Adrienne, chatting with Kat, and making two new fans/friends from Ottawa. They just happened by and stayed for the show. Amanda and Nikki told us all about their adventures hiking (and climbing) in Newfoundland. I was glad to be part of their exciting day in Halifax. We drove back to Shelburne for the night and I can’t wait to get some sleep. Hal is going to make breakfast in the morning… yeah!


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