Posted by: Leah Morise | August 18, 2015

Day 11 – Hall’s Harbour and Burntcoat Head

We left the campsite at Whale Cove this morning and headed to Hall’s Harbour – mission… lobster! We had been there 4 years ago and it was a plan for me to eat lobster at least once while in Nova Scotia. You get to pick your own then take it to the Cook House where they cook it up for you and bring it to your table. It was as delicious as was expected. The tide was coming in as we ate and we sat by the harbour and watched the boats rising up towards us. We then knew we wanted to see low tide at a fabulous spot called Burntcoat Head so we found a campground nearby and dropped of the trailer and went down to check it out. It is a beautiful and amazing spot. With the dramatic tide levels in this area there is an island that becomes a plateau with trees on it (see photo below). Mike took some amazing videos around the island from the air and hopefully he will upload them as soon as he has a chance. We went back to the campground, had a lovely fire and roasted wieners/sausages for supper. The stars were so bright this evening. We even saw a few shooting stars. Looking forward to the show tomorrow in Wolfsville!

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