Posted by: Leah Morise | August 18, 2015

Day 9 & 10 visiting and sight-seeing

Hal made us an amazing breakfast before we set off this morning. Sausages from the local market, delicious hash browns and eggs. We took a turn near Barrington and went sightseeing through some small towns along the shore. Took some photos and videos and had a lovely afternoon. Destination was to visit a friend who was originally from London. It was great hanging out and meeting her friends. We stayed for supper and the instruments didn’t take long to come out. What a great evening of laughter and jamming.

We left the next morning and checked out a huge church that took 32 years to build out of granite hauled 100kms from Shelburne to that town. We then went to Digby to find out about whale watching; we had wanted to do that last week but it was raining “sideways” and was cancelled. We got booked on a whale cruise on Brier Island but that meant trucking it straight there and crossing two ferries to get there. Yup – we drove down the Digby neck, made it on time and it was a great experience. it was through the Brier Island Lodge. We had Captain Roy at the wheel on the Island Link. I knew we were going to see some whales but it was even better than I thought. We saw a Minke whale on the way out of the harbour. We then kept spotting humpback whales all over the place. Mostly two at a time. We saw a mom and a calf right at the start and then saw a few over the course of the 3 hours. One calf even rolled over and we saw its belly. At one point there were 4 whales swimming together. One in the distance was slapping its fin and tail. I do believe the whale count for the day was 18 in total. We also saw a few porpoises and seals. The tour guide even said that was an unusually good day to see that many. Yeah!! We spent most of the time up top in the wind taking pictures. I was using Mike’s camera and got some good shots! After the tour we headed back over the two ferries through the fog and stayed at a campground called Whale Cove Campground. It was such an excellent day.

20150817_5688 20150817_5676 20150817_5607


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