Posted by: Leah Morise | August 21, 2015

Day 12 & 13 – Wolfville and Moncton

We drove to Wolfville and found some parking downtown. It can be tricky to find parking for the van and trailer but as long as we can find a “pull through” with two spots we are good. We walked around town and had some lunch. It was a hot one! Whooo-ie! Played the Wolfville Farmer’s Market in the afternoon – such fun. It was hot but everyone was smiling anyway. Several kids were dancing or just standing in front watching me (when they weren’t standing in front of a giant fan that the market had going). Half way through the set it started raining so hard and Mike ran out to close up the trailer. Overall it was a great show. We met a bunch of nice people and chatted about our travels. One of the vendors gave us some veggies for the road. After the show we drove to Moncton so we wouldn’t have to do much driving the next day.

11866328_10153493274853419_2942477532029643475_n  11873508_10153495591268419_6701630716862902173_n
Moncton – we drove around Moncton a bit and did a few errands. Lunched and then went to the show at C’est la Vie. It is a nice space and the sound was really good. Another really hot day. There was a piano out on the street (random) and once in a while someone would sit down and play it. Also, kids would bang on it. There was one young boy who was banging and singing and then he came into the cafe with his mother. I said that I heard him singing and asked if he wanted to sing along with me. He did a bit but he didn’t understand much English – his mom kept explaining things to him. They really liked the trumpet. Met some lovely people and chatted past closing time. We drove to Woodstock so we wouldn’t have to drive before the show the next day.


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